Traffic Rules


Traffic Rules play a very important role in the traffic system of a country. these rules are made for avoiding traffic jams and accidents, especially in cities.
as we are living in a developing country we can see the improvement of our country very randomly and increase of vehicles is one of the cause so, every citizen should remember the right to follow traffic rules.
it is necessary to have rules for the road, but it is still more important for all of us to follow the set of rules.
as for example last 1 week ago I was met with an accident while I was on Scooty. For this whom does I question about the accident.

Did it is the mistake of another side vehicle?
Did it is the mistake of traffic police?
Did it is the mistake of me?
The answer is its just negligence of Every driver.
When we break the rules we are inviting trouble to ourselves and doing no harm to anyone else.
I am very happy to say that traffic rules in India are as strict as they are anywhere else in the world.
According to my vision, I have some ideas about traffic:
1. The main important thing is to follow traffic rules by everyone.
2. The person who crosses the traffic rule should be punished with a fine and it should be given to orphanages.
3. The issue of driving license should be very strict as they should issue if the driver may know everything about the driving.
4. A special team should be given to the society so that the team can implement people by their advice.
5. The last thing is to drunken drive should totally from society.

My advice to the youth is; I know as we are in teenage we have many dreams for our enjoyment we always think about rides with high speed.
Dear youth high speed doesn’t give us happiness. as we are very much interested in that we have another place to enjoy. but don’t harm other in spite of your enjoyment
we are the backbone of development of our country, so we should think twice before we do everything

Thank You,

D/O Sathyam
Sri Chaitanya degree college


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