Article on Youth


I heard that many of the people say that young people change the country. But In my view it was not all that, it seemed that some would change the culture. because many of the young people spending their time on love and to take the life if they do not love (or) Doing Crime, Chatting on facebook, Participating in the bike races and taking lives. There are so much more to say. A few years ago, Telugu culture was so great that these days are not great. Now, the Western culture has seen much of it. We are losing the value of our culture Day by Day.

Many people are now in social networking. If anyone posts in them, giving them the worst comments, likes, or shares are being done.My view is that these are wrong because social media is to inform important information to people. My request is that like other countries, In our country also we should keep the Time limit for social media apps I hope this will help people to work without waste of any time.

Thanking You,

Keshireddy Rohith Reddy,

Apoorva Degree College,

B.Com Computers,



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