Stop Smoking


We can observe daily there are many people are smoking cigarettes around us. Actually, what is a cigarette?  A cigarette is really injurious to our health. In cigarette, there are two most dangerous and harmful to our body. It is 1. Nicotine 2. Tobacco.

  1. Nicotine: In cigarette, there is nicotine is Included. It is very dangerous while we are smoking. Nicotine is highly addictive to increase to smoke daily. it actively works to addict easily once we tried to smoke. When you start to smoke a cigarette( nicotine cigarette) it is very difficult to stop smoking.

The Nicotine Effects for our health: As Disease, Tired of the body, In-active, headache, depression etc..are major effecting to our body.

  1. Tobacco: In cigarette, the first tobacco is compulsory included with full in the cigarette, the tobacco is filled highly with every product of cigarettes. It is very terrible addiction adverse health effects in people of all age. And tobacco is a chemical product.There are 7000 chemical compounds in a tobacco. The toxic, polyaromatic hydrocarbons( PAHS) and specific chemical nitrosamines are included. It imposes the scope of the burden of chemicals filled in a cigarette. The tobacco is effected for as our body, brain, teeth and gums etc…in any age of people. Smoking of Tobacco cigarette causes lung cancer. It stimulates the central nervous system and highly heartbeat for any momentum.

Smoking of cigarette:

Those People who are smoking a cigarette is really causing cancer, death. Recently there are 6 millions of people are died as per 2011 Research, and for every year 5000 people are dying from the smoking of cigarettes.

According to world health organisation(WHO), our India is first place, America, China, Russia etc, of countries of people are dying from smoking cigarettes.

Thanking you,

Nalla Mahendar Reddy, E/m

Apoorva Degree College, Karimnagar


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