10 Interesting Facts | Mind Blowing



1. when we saw any Product, It contains a label “Made in China” But the stickers or labels Manufactured in Korea.

2. When You Download any Pdf Files from Online, if It contains ‘Exe’ on the end of the file name then it a virus file. if you download it your computer will collapse.

3. Do not kiss on Months baby ear’s because the sound or vibration which damages sensitive eardrums of the baby.

4. Love is the only word in English to express their love, but Sanskrit contains 96 words which means the same Love.

5. According to biology, Jellyfish will not die unless if anybody kills.

6. Half the strength of our hand will come through the Baby Fingers. If there is no baby finger present in our hand we will lose half of the strength of our hand.

7. if we meet new persons, subconsciously their attention is in our shoes. So keep your shoes clean.

8. The Last Letter which is added in English Alphabets is ‘J’.

9. There are 10000+ beaches present in Australia. If you want to visit The total Beaches in Australia then you may take up to 27 years.

10. coca-cola released many flavours in drinks. if we want to taste the total flavours of Coca-Cola then we may take 9 years to taste all the flavours of coca-cola


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